“We must come down from our heights, and leave our straight paths, for the byways and low places of life, if we were to learn truths by strong contrasts; and in hovels, in forecastles, and among our own outcasts in foreign lands, see what has been wrought upon our fellow-creatures by accident, hardship, or vice.” - Richard Henry Dana Jr. in 1840

Sam Anderson grew up in New Jersey and graduated from Hampshire College in 2013 where he studied American history and started a satirical newspaper called The Ink Valve. After moving to New York City, he interned at WNYC and was a producer on the Brian Lehrer Show, Indivisible, The Takeaway, Midday, and America on the Line. In 2019, Sam moved to northern California to report an original investigative series about a murder on a cannabis farm. The forthcoming series is being produced in collaboration with Neon Hum Media. His narrative radio stories have been published by WNYC, Out There, NPR’s Latino USA, and KMUD. He has been interviewed by WNYC and the BBC World Service. His writing has been published by North Jersey Media Group, The Brooklyn Eagle, PRI.org, Brokelyn, and other outlets. Freelance writing clients have included John Jay College, the Institute for Innovation in Prosecution, the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, City Green Inc., and others. Sam is a freelance writer and podcast producer for hire, so get in touch!